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Difficult Access?  No Problem!


Extensions often involve problems with restricted access that need innovative solutions.

The photos here illustrate a typical scenario.  Our clients commissioned us to construct a full-width extension at the rear of their property but the access was severely restricted.

The challenge?  How to get 37 cubic metres of concrete for the foundations, four full ready-mix lorries, into the trench.  That's 93 metric tons or 740 wheelbarrows!!  All to be in place before the concrete started to set.

The solution?  We hired in a concrete pump that lifted the concrete over the top of the house and with the maneuverability to distribute the mix along the full length of the foundation trench. A convoy of four ready-mix lorries was lined up to feed the pump within the limited time window available while the concrete remained workable.

Steel beams.  A similar approach was used to move heavy steel beams into position.  A large mobile crane was brought in - see the lower two photos.

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