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Southdowns Builders has Advanced Bricklaying Skills

Are you looking for skilled craftsmen who can deliver the more complex designs?  Most builders are competent to  build a wall using the standard 'stretcher bond' seen on most houses!  Few have the skills to work on conservation projects, perhaps on listed or old buildings. 


The challenges here include sourcing matching bricks, often a problem, and matching mortar composition and colour and then replicating the precise brickwork design.  These same skills are needed in modern elaborate and artistic designs.

The gallery below showcases a range of brickwork that we have worked on for clients.

If your project has these challenges please don't hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation discussion.  We thrive on these challenges.

Brickwork 2.JPG
Brickwork 3.JPG
roof leadwork - grade II.JPG
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